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Jan. 27th, 2010


again, one from miraa

Title: Sex Ed
Pairing: Junsu/Wooyoung/Junho, Junsu/Wooyoung
Fandom: 2PM
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex, threesome
Summary: What 2PM does on their day off and how Junho gets pulled into it.
Notes: The 2PM fandom really needs some more smut, so I decided to write some and see if I could get people to catch on. I EVEN WROTE A THREESOME. So you guys should be able to manage at least a regular smut fic...right? *wants 2PM smut*

Sex Ed


It was one of 2PM’s rare days off, and the seven boys had all succumbed to the bliss that comes from having an entire 24 hours to yourself.

Jaebum had immediately crashed face first onto his bed—his snores could soon be heard loud and clear from any room in the apartment.

Chansung and Khun had decided they wanted to go shopping—Chansung said he wanted some new shoes and Khun figured he’d use this as an opportunity for a date with the younger boy.

Taecyeon, meanwhile, had given himself an entire day at the gym/spa for his day off—working out with a personal trainer and a full body massage were his idea of fun, apparently.

Junsu and Wooyoung had disappeared into the older boy’s room and Junho hadn’t heard a peep from them since. He figured they, like Jae, had fallen asleep. Most likely with Junsu cuddling Wooyoung like a stuffed animal.

Junho snickered at the thought.

He himself spent his morning watching some of the DVDs that had been piling up in his room, a bottle of soju open on the floor beside him. When the early afternoon sun began to slant in through the window and throw a glare on the TV screen, he got up, stretched, and decided he’d go see if Junsu or Wooyoung wanted to split some lunch with him.

He padded down the hallway softly, shutting the door to Jae’s room as he passed—it only managed to muffle the snoring a little bit and he rolled his eyes, knocking softly on Junsu’s door.

“Junsu-hyung? Wooyoungie?” he said, poking his head into the room, expecting to be met with a cranky Junsu and a sleepy Wooyoung.

However, neither of them were asleep.

Junho blinked.



Three times, even, but the sight in front of him didn’t disappear. He groaned and covered his eyes with one hand.

Wooyoung was sitting on the floor wrapped up in all the blankets from Junsu’s bed. His eyes were wide as he stared at Junsu, who was currently naked, while the older boy crawled towards him on all fours.

“Junho!” Wooyoung screeched, trying to get to his feet and failing miserably because of all the blankets. “Save me!”

Junsu turned around, saw Junho standing in the doorway and smirked.

“Hyung!” Junho said, exasperated. He pinched the bridge of his nose between his fingers, but didn’t open his eyes. “What are you doing?”

But Junsu ignored his question. “Junho, you’ve had a lot of experience, right?”

Junho’s eyes flew open, then narrowed. He stared at Junsu for a long moment.

“Experience…with what?” he finally asked, slowly, cautiously.

Junsu rolled his eyes and wiggled his naked ass in the younger boy’s direction. “With tying your shoelaces. What do you think, dumbass?! Sex!”

Junho didn’t answer, merely stepped into the room and unpinched the bridge of his nose. Wooyoung was looking at him curiously now, though he still shrank from Junsu.

Junsu, on the other hand, had turned all his attention on Junho. “Not denying it I see,” he remarked. “Though, even if you tried, your vibrator would speak otherwise.”

“Vibrator?” Wooyoung piped up, speaking for the first time since Junho entered the room. “But Junho, I didn’t think you were like us.”

With a tight smile, Junho knelt down next to Wooyoung and began unwrapping some of the blankets around the older boy. “If by ‘like us’ you mean gay, then yes I am.”

Wooyoung seemed slightly in awe of Junho now, and merely sat there quietly as his blankets were slowly unraveled.

Sensing the need to lighten the silence, Junho shot a glance back over his shoulder at Junsu, then turned back to Wooyoung and whispered, teasingly, “It’s ok, Wooyoungie, I won’t let him rape you.”

A snort from Junsu. “Tch, you make me sound like some kind of predator,” he said, sounding not in the least bit ashamed of himself.

“If you could only see yourself,” Junho shot back sarcastically, catching a glimpse of naked skin as he pulled the first of Wooyoung’s blanket-layers away.

Wooyoung mumbled something, avoiding Junho’s eyes.

“Mm?” Junho asked, peeling away some more blankets.

“…wasn’t gonna rape me,” Wooyoung said again, a little louder this time. “…I just got scared.”

Junho finished pulling away the first few layers of blankets and discovered his suspicions were correct—Wooyoung was naked, too. He looked at the older boy again.

“I’ve never…” Wooyoung started, then trailed off again, looking away with a slight pout on his face.

“Oh I’m sure Junho could give you quite the education,” Junsu murmured, suddenly right next to him.

Junho jumped a little, then shook his head as he finished untangling Wooyoung from the last of the blankets. “That’s your job, hyung,” he said pointedly, getting to his feet.

“You should help,” Junsu purred, looking up at Junho seductively. “Maybe Wooyoungie wouldn’t be so scared if you were here, too.”

Not believing what he was hearing, Junho threw the blankets onto Junsu’s bed and scrubbed his hands over his face. “This is ridiculous,” he mumbled, voice muffled by his hands.

Junsu smirked again, then turned to Wooyoung and pressed their foreheads together. “You wouldn’t mind…would you Wooyoung?”

Wooyoung shook his head slowly, seemingly mesmerized by Junsu’s face so close to his own.

“It might make things easier,” Junsu breathed, bringing their lips closer and closer together. “He could help me teach you…”

Junho dropped his hands, only to find Junsu practically devouring Wooyoung’s mouth as the two sat on the floor by his feet.

Rolling his eyes, he turned to go and promptly fell flat on his face. Junsu’s hand gripped his ankle tightly, and he turned back to his hyung with a growl, only to have his own mouth ravished by Junsu’s talented lips and tongue.

He fought back, pushing Junsu’s face away and wriggling out from underneath him. “Hyung! What is this?! You’re supposed to be molesting Wooyoung, not me!”

Junsu chuckled and Junho felt a shiver go up his spine at the sound. When had Junsu gotten to be so…scary?

Just then, Junho felt a tug on his shirt and turned to see Wooyoung looking at him, smiling. “You can stay, Junho. It’s ok.”

Internally, Junho groaned. How could he possibly say no to that face?

Junsu cackled, knowing he had won, and began undoing the buckle on Junho’s belt.

“First, Wooyoung, you start by taking off the other person’s clothes,” he narrated, smirking the whole time.

Junho rolled his eyes and flopped back on the floor, figuring he might as well just play along. “I’m pretty sure he knew that much, hyung.”

“Although you could have sex in your clothes,” Junsu went on, ignoring Junho. “But that means they’ll end up wrinkled and smelling funny.”

“Kind of like Taecyeon-hyung’s?” Wooyoung asked, watching as Junsu yanked Junho’s pants down off his legs.

Junho laughed and Junsu answered, “Exactly like Taec.”

Junho reached for the hem of his shirt, figuring he should probably take that off, too, before Junsu’s hand stopped him.

“We’re supposed to be teaching Wooyoung,” he said with a nod to the younger boy. “Wooyoung, you take off his shirt.”

“Um…ok,” Wooyoung said, sliding closer.

Junho let his hands drop and felt Wooyoung’s take their place. The older boy’s fingers skimmed along his skin as they lifted the t-shirt over his head and goosebumps sprang up in their wake.

“Ah…looks like Junho’s sensitive,” Junsu commented, reaching down and giving one of Junho’s nipples a tweak. “Nipples can also be sensitive, although, depending on the person, it may or may not be a turn-on.”

He leaned down and took Junho’s nipple in between his lips, suckling on it gently, then catching it between his teeth and tugging on it gently.

Junho let out a grunt of surprise, then reached down and ran his fingers through Junsu’s hair. It brushed against the now-bare skin on his chest and tickled in the most delicious kind of way.

Junsu peeked over at Wooyoung and released Junho’s nipple long enough to say, “You try on the other one, Wooyoung,” before reattaching himself to Junho’s chest.

“Ok…” Wooyoung said, sounding slightly unsure.

Junho watched as he crawled around and lay down on his stomach beside him.

“Like this?” he asked, sticking out his tongue and licking at Junho’s nipple gently.

Junho nodded and Junsu glanced over. “Yep. You can bite it, too.”

“Just be gentle!” Junho added quickly and Wooyoung nodded.

Junsu began running the fingers of one hand up and down Junho’s abs and the younger boy found himself shivering under the light touch. He brought his other hand up and began touching Wooyoung’s hair, too, playing with his mohawk.

He felt Wooyoung’s fingers join Junsu’s a little while later, tracing a path along the edge of his underwear, then back up his side.

Wooyoung broke his mouth off from where it was currently sucking on the skin just below Junho’s nipple—That’s gonna leave a nice hickey in the morning, Junho thought—to ask, “Am I doing ok?”

Junho nodded and he heard Junsu chuckle. “Obviously you’re doing something right, Wooyoung-ah.” And he directed a pointed glance at Junho’s crotch.

“Oh,” was all Wooyoung said, cheeks flushing pink at the sight of the bulge in Junho’s underwear.

What have I gotten myself into Junho groaned internally. His cock gave a twitch as his brain answered him with an image of him having sex with Junsu and Wooyoung and he gave another internal groan.

“Mmm…somebody’s turned on,” Junsu commented, noticing the way Junho’s cock twitched. “Now, next Wooyoungie, we need to get rid of Junho’s underwear.”

Wooyoung nodded and lay there, waiting.

Junsu rolled his eyes. “We need to get rid of Junho’s underwear,” he said again, staring at Wooyoung.

It was another few moments before the younger boy caught on. “Ahh…ok…” he murmured, sliding down Junho’s body a little further and skimming his fingers along the waistband of his underwear. He slid two fingers underneath and began tugging them down, revealing Junho’s erection surrounded by a tangle of dark curls.

Junho kicked his underwear off as Junsu finished sliding it down his legs and waited to see what Wooyoung would do.

“At this point, you can do one of two things,” Junsu instructed. “Either give him a handjob or a blowjob. We’ll start with the hands seeing as how it’s your first time.”

Wooyoung gave Junsu a nod that was only slightly hesitant and watched intently as the older boy took Junho’s erction and grasped it tightly. He began sliding it up and down slowly, and Junho tipped his head back and hummed approvingly, deep in his throat.

Wooyoung glanced at Junho, then back to Junsu.

“Give it a try,” the older boy said, pulling his hand back.

Slowly, Wooyoung reached out and ran one finger down the side of Junho’s cock, tracing the prominent vein that ran there. He ran it back up a moment later and over the slit, catching it slightly.

Junho’s breath hitched and he let out a soft, strangled sound.

Startled, Wooyoung yanked his hand back and looked at Junho. “Sorry Junho! Did that hurt?”

Junho gave a breathless laugh and shook his head.

“No, Wooyoung-ah,” Junsu said. “But I think you’re teasing him.”

“Oops, sorry,” Wooyoung replied sounding slightly abashed. This time, when he reached his hand out, he wrapped it around Junho’s erection and began pumping it slowly, just as he had seen Junsu do.

Junho looked down and locked gazes with Junsu, who cheekily blew him a kiss before turning back to Wooyoung and lacing their fingers together over Junho’s cock.

“Let’s speed this up a little,” he murmured, increasing the pace and squeezing both their hands tighter.

Junho moved his hips a little under their combined touches and watched as Junsu leaned over to place a light kiss on Wooyoung’s lips. He moaned quietly as Wooyoung’s cheeks turned pink when Junsu’s tongue slid into his mouth. Junsu’s hand was the only thing keeping the rhythm going, as Wooyoung soon lost himself in the kiss and forgot about Junho for a moment.

When Junsu finally pulled away—saliva shining between him and Wooyoung—he pulled their hands off and murmured, albeit somewhat breathlessly, “Think you’re ready for the next step Wooyoungie?”

Eyes shining, Wooyoung glanced up and Junho, then back to Junsu and nodded.

“Good…this next step needs no explaining,” Junsu said, and leaning down, took Junho’s entire length into his mouth.

Groaning, Junho arched his back, hands going up to twist in the blanket pillowed under his head. The feel of the older boy deep-throating him was driving him crazy and he hoped he wouldn’t cum right then and there.

Thankfully, a moment later, Junsu slid his mouth back upwards, working Junho with a skillful tongue. Wooyoung watched, eyes wide, as his hyung brought Junho to the brink of pleasure, then suddenly stopped.

“Your turn,” he smirked.

“A blowjob?” Wooyoung asked faintly, the bridge of his nose stained pink as he said it.

Junsu nodded, even though Wooyoung’s eyes were locked on Junho’s now-throbbing length.

“B-but…how…I mean…how…what…what did youdo?” he asked, sounding more nervous now than he ever had before.

Junsu rolled his shoulders and moved over to make room for Wooyoung. “It’s something you’re going to have to figure out by feel and trial and error. Use your lips, your tongue, your teeth…whatever feels good.”

Face now looking slightly pale underneath his blush, Wooyoung laid down next to Junho and touched the tip of his nose to Junho’s erection as he stared at it. Junho moved his hips a little and slid his cock over Wooyoung’s cheek. The older boy laughed nervously.

“It’s okay, Wooyoungie,” Junho murmured. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

Surprisingly, Wooyoung shook his head, determination now lighting his face. “No,” he said quietly, but firmly. “I want to.” And with that, he leaned forward and slid the head of Junho’s length into his mouth.

In contrast to Junsu, Wooyoung’s mouth was unsure, unskilled, and hesitant. But the way he traced the contour of Junho’s cock with his tongue; the way he suckled lightly on the head, lips locked just underneath the edge; the way he skimmed his teeth ever-so-gently over Junho’s tip, drove the younger boy wild. It was a different sort of sensation than Junsu’s experienced ministrations, but it was an addicting one.

Junho soon found his hips moving of their own accord, rocking back and forth, sliding his length gently in and out of Wooyoung’s mouth. He could feel Wooyoung’s tongue moving up and down the underside of his cock with each thrust and his hands idly stroking the insides of Junho’s things.

He jumped a little when Junsu suddenly reached over and grabbed one of Wooyoung’s hands, guiding it down to his balls. Junho let out another groan as Wooyoung began squeezing and feeling his balls, fingertips mapping out the sensitive skin and tickling the spot just behind his sac. He felt the older boy increase the suction on his cock and before he knew it, he was coming into Wooyoung’s mouth.

Startled, Wooyoung jerked his head back and Junsu stifled a chuckle as Junho came all over his face. He watched as Junho, eyes closed and teeth biting his bottom lip, came down from his orgasm high, chest heaving and abs clenching.

Groaning for an entirely different reason this time, Junho covered his face with his hands. “Sorry, Wooyoung, but—”

“No, don’t apologize,” Junsu cut in. “I should have warned him. Not like you could help it.” He smirked his trademark smirk again and glanced over at Wooyoung.

The younger boy was currently licking his lips, face twisting slightly at his first taste of cum.

Junsu leaned over and ran his tongue down his lover’s jawline, gathering the cum spattered there into his mouth. He then touched their lips together and shared it between them, gathering more cum on the fingertips of one hand.

Wooyoung found the taste to be salty, but not that unpleasant, and he deepened his kiss with Junsu, feeling the older boy clean off his other cheek. Junsu broke their kiss a moment later and finished the job by licking off Wooyoung’s nose and forehead.

“Next time,” he whispered, “I’ll teach you how to swallow.”

Wooyoung blushed again and Junsu found he couldn’t hold back his laughter this time.

He moved to sprawl out beside Junho and ran his cum-covered fingers across the other’s lips.

Still catching his breath, Junho licked his lips clean, then sucked on Junsu’s fingers suggestively, looking up at the older boy from beneath lowered lashes.

“Well, fuck…” Junsu whispered, feeling his already-stiffened cock give a twitch. “I had no idea you were such a tease.”

Junho smirked around Junsu’s fingers, then released them to answer, “Well, like you said, I have had quite a bit of experience…”

Junsu chuckled and sat back up. “At least you’re finally owning up to it.”

Junho merely shrugged as he felt his legs being spread.

“Now, the real fun begins,” Junsu was telling Wooyoung. “I’m going to show you how to prep someone.”

Junho rolled his eyes for what felt like the millionth time that day. “Not like he’s ever going to need it,” he commented dryly. “It’s obvious who tops in your relationship.”

“Shh. No comments from the whore-gallery,” Junsu said, flapping his hand in Junho’s direction.

Wooyoung listened to the conversation between the two of them and didn’t really know what to say. Top? Prep?

“Now,” Junsu was saying. “First you better make sure you have some lube. Or at least something like it. Otherwise it’s going to hurt.”

“What’s going to hurt, hyung?” Wooyoung asked.

“Having sex,” Junsu replied, rolling his eyes a little. “Open up the top drawer over there and look underneath the pile of boxers on the right. There should be some lube.”

As Wooyoung went to look, Junsu snagged some extra pillows off the bed and raised Junho’s ass off the floor, sliding the pillows underneath. “Comfy?” he asked with a grin.

“Quite,” Junho replied sarcastically, feeling slightly stupid with his ass in the air.

“Is this it, hyung?” Wooyoung asked, retuning with a small tube in his hand.

“Yep,” Junsu replied. “Open it and squirt some on your fingers.”

Still not quite grasping the mechanics of what was going on, Wooyoung did what he was told nonetheless and coated (all) his fingers with lube.

Junsu smiled, but said nothing and spread Junho’s legs open wide. “Good. Now I want you to start putting them in here.” He tapped Junho’s entrance with one of his own fingers, feeling the muscles twitch.

Wooyoung’s face paled. “But won’t that…hurt?”

“That’s what the lube and the prepping are for,” Junsu told him, an edge of impatience tinting his voice.

Wooyoung looked at Junho, still hesitating, so Junho gave him a small nod of reassurance.

“It’s ok, Wooyoungie. You won’t hurt me.”

Junsu’s finger was now tracing light circles around his entrance and the younger boy squirmed slightly underneath his touch. When Wooyoung finally began sliding his fingers down behind Junho’s balls, Junsu moved his hand and put it on top of Wooyoung’s instead, guiding him.

“There…that’s it…spread some lube around…” he murmured, lips pressed to Wooyoung’s ear. “Now, gently press…good…okay, slide a finger in…but just one…easy…slowly…like that…there.”

Junho felt Wooyoung’s small finger slide into him and gently squeezed his muscles around it. Wooyoung looked up at him frightfully, eyes wide, and Junho stifled a laugh.

“He’s fine,” Junsu said crossly, giving Junho a dirty look.

The younger boy merely puckered his lips at him playfully, then groaned a little as Wooyoung stuck in another finger.

“Okay, that’s enough for now,” Junsu said. “You want to start moving your fingers and trying to stretch him out. Slide them around gently and move them like this.” He held his own hand up and scissored the first two fingers.

Wooyoung took note and turned back to Junho, the tip of his tongue sticking out between his lips as he concentrated on moving his fingers like Junsu had told him.

Watching the tip of that pink tongue, Junho finally appreciated how hard it must have been for Junsu not to have jumped Wooyoung for so long.

He felt the older boy moving his fingers and feeling the insides of his passage in the process. He wondered if Junsu had ever explained the concept of a prostate to him.

“You could probably try sticking in another finger now,” Junsu continued. “Most people would probably need a little more time, but Junho seems like he can take it.” A smirk graced his lips and Junho considered kicking the older boy.

But he was distracted by Wooyoung’s third finger and his subsequent accidental brush against his prostate.

He couldn’t help the loud “Ah!” that fell from his lips as he turned his head to the side, pleasure tingling in his veins.

“Looks like you’ve found the spot,” Junsu told Wooyoung, sounding proud and a tad smug as well.

“Spot?” Wooyoung asked skeptically.

Junsu nodded. “His pleasure spot, magic spot…whatever you want to call it.”

Wooyoung blushed. “But I thought only girls had that kind of thing.”

Junsu and Junho’s eyes widened. “You know about…sex with girls?”

Wooyoung rolled his eyes. “I was straight until I met you, hyung.”

Junho burst out laughing, both at Wooyoung’s comment and the look on Junsu’s face.

Wooyoung however, ignored the both of them, and continued prepping Junho, fingers moving as he obviously tried to find Junho’s “spot” again.

Moments later, Junho’s laughter choked itself off as Wooyoung found his prostate once again and abused it mercilessly, rubbing the little nub inside him as his other two fingers continued to stretch the younger boy’s entrance.

Finally recovering from his shock, Junsu reached out and pulled Wooyoung’s fingers out none-too-gently, ignoring Junho’s indignant howl.

“Alright, enough of that,” he muttered, lips roaming all over Wooyoung’s neck. “Time to get to the best part.”

“Sex?” Wooyoung asked.

But he never got an answer. Instead, Wooyoung soon found himself sprawled out on the floor next to Junho, his clothes being torn off roughly by his lover.

With a pout, Junho watched as Junsu skimmed his lips downward, tracing a path along Wooyoung’s stomach and down to his stiff cock, taking it into his mouth as he reached for the lube.

“So are you just gonna leave me like this?” Junho asked contemptuously, rolling over onto his side and fisting his cock, which had become hard again with Wooyoung’s ministrations, as he watched Junsu suck Wooyoung off as he prepared him.

Junsu spared him a glance, shrugged, and threw a glance at the now discarded lube.

Junho sighed, reached for the lube and moved behind Junsu, thinking this probably wasn’t what the older boy had in mind. But at that point, he didn’t really care. Fucking bastard deserves it, he thought petulantly, and shoved two fingers up Junsu’s ass.

The older boy grunted and turned around long enough to mouth a ‘fuck you’ at Junho before returning to his lover.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung was twisting and writhing underneath his hyung’s touch, experiencing sensations he had never even dreamed of before. Junsu’s fingers were stroking the walls of his passage delicately, sending a burning sensation all up and down his body, even as his lips and tongue worked his cock. He moaned loudly as Junsu hit his prostate, finally understanding what it had done to Junho.

Watching all this from beneath lidded eyes, Junho readied Junsu quickly, fingers moving in and out easily as he slid in a third one. He saw Junsu doing the same to Wooyoung and figured it wouldn’t be long now.

Wooyoung felt a different sort of burning as Junsu put a third finger into him and he whimpered softly.

Pulling his mouth away from Wooyoung’s cock with a small pop, Junsu shifted, moving upwards, so he could kiss the other boy, fingers moving slowly now. Wooyoung could taste himself in Junsu’s mouth as the older boy deepened the kiss and he felt his cock twitch between their bodies.

A moment later and he felt a rush of cool air against his lower regions, accompanied by an empty feeling as Junsu pulled his fingers out.

“Are you ready?” he asked in a low voice, as his eyes seemed to burn holes through Wooyoung’s skull.

Swallowing, Wooyoung closed his eyes and gave a small nod, not trusting his voice.

Junho, deciding he had had enough, and wanting to pay Junsu back for before, ignored the both of them and shoved his cock all the way into Junsu in one swift thrust.

With a kind of choked, garbled sound, Junsu pitched forward onto his hands above Wooyoung. “What…the…fuck?” he managed to grind out.

Junho rolled his hips and shrugged before realizing Junsu couldn’t see the motion. “Tired of waiting,” he replied instead, slightly out of breath.

With a growl, Junsu got back up onto his knees and lined himself up at Wooyoung’s entrance. Ignoring Junho completely for the moment, he stared down at his lover and slowly sheathed himself in his tight heat.

Wooyoung mewled at the feeling, even as Junsu sighed in utter bliss. Behind them, Junho watched as Wooyoung opened his eyes, a single tear sparkling at the corner of each.

With a soft, tender murmur—one that surprised Junho very much—Junsu leaned down and kissed the tears off Wooyoung’s face, placing more kisses as he went. Breath coming in tight little pants, Wooyoung turned his face towards Junsu, seeking his lips.

As the two kissed, Junho felt Junsu begin to move slightly and began to rock his hips too. He also watched Wooyoung, just as Junsu did, wanting to make sure he wasn’t in too much pain.

A few minutes later, however, and Wooyoung was moaning underneath them, a beautiful pink flush spreading over his bare chest.

Junsu let out a load groan at the sight and sped up their pace, feeling Junho behind him do the same. Never in a million years would he admit it to anyone, but he liked the feeling of someone inside of him even as he was inside of Wooyoung. He moved back against Junho’s cock with more and more abandon as their orgasms grew closer, no longer caring what the younger boy thought.

Junho grunted and adjusted his speed to match Junsu’s. He watched Wooyoung beneath them, his head thrashing from side to side as his hands twisted in the pillows in pleasure. He watched and Junsu slid a hand down his sweat-slicked chest, then began pumping his cock rapidly, leaning down to touch their lips together.

It seemed that was what pushed Wooyoung over the edge and he began to shudder, arms threading their way around Junsu’s neck and clinging to him tightly. Junsu increased the speed of his hand and soon felt warmth blossom between his and Wooyoung’s bodies. He broke their kiss and rested their foreheads together, whispering to his lover as he came.

Junho saw Wooyoung trembling under Junsu, saw Junsu’s hand moving, and knew he was coming. With a groan, he leaned forward, head resting against Junsu’s back. He felt the muscles rolling under him and felt Junsu’s pace soon become irregular and ragged.

With a final burst of speed, he slammed into the older boy and came, throwing his head back and allowing only a soft whimper to fall from his lips.

Even as Junsu felt Wooyoung’s length soften in his grasp, he knew Junho was coming. With a groan, he allowed the other boy’s momentum to thrust him a few more times into Wooyoung, then he was coming as well, hands grasping the younger boy’s hips tight enough to leave bruises.

He whispered Wooyoung’s name, burying his face in the side of the younger boy’s neck. He felt Wooyoung’s arms slide further down his back, holding him tight, and he bit lightly at the soft skin under his lips. The small sound that fell from Wooyoung’s lips in response made his cock twitch a few more times, the pleasure nearly overloading his senses.

Junho, meanwhile, was riding out the last waves of his own orgasm, sweat running down the sides of his face and making his bangs stick to his forehead. His hips slowed as he emptied the last of his seed into Junsu’s passage and he fell forward, supporting his own weight, but resting his head against Junsu’s sweat-slickened back, trying to catch his breath.

Underneath him, neither Junsu nor Wooyoung moved either, merely holding each other as the last of the heat between them dissipated and their heartbeats began to return to normal. For a few minutes, the room was silent, the scent of sweat and sex heavy in the air.

Finally, Junho shifted, pulling out of Junsu and watching as the older boy did the same with Wooyoung. He opened his mouth to ask the other boy how he was feeling, but Junsu beat him to it.

“You ok, Wooyoung?” Junsu asked, sprawling out on his stomach next to his lover. “I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”

Wooyoung shook his head and Junho allowed himself a small smile, even as Junsu grinned a grin that would have put Taec to shame.

“No, hyung, I’m ok,” he said, turning to look at Junsu. “I just—”

He stopped midsentence, a strange look crossing his face. Junsu and Junho exchanged glances, not quite sure what was going on.

“Hyung…” Wooyoung whispered, shifting his lower half slighty. His cheeks turned pink again. “Umm…”

At the same time, Junsu and Junho both looked down and both laughed. Junsu’s cum was slowly dripping from Wooyoung’s entrance and the younger boy was obviously a little freaked out by the feeling.

“I’ll go get a towel,” Junsu said as he got up, cum dripping down the insides of his thighs as well. “Looks like I need one, too,” he commented, then disappeared into the bathroom.

Junho snickered, then began reaching for his clothes. “You really ok, Wooyoungie? Not too sore?”

Wooyoung shook his head again. “Nope, I’m fine. It really didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.”

“Good,” Junho replied with a nod, pulling on his shirt.


It was said so softly that at first Junho wasn’t sure he had heard it. He looked over at Wooyoung to find the older boy smiling at him, his face practically glowing with happiness.

Junho ducked his head. “For what?” he mumbled.

“Teaching me,” Wooyoung replied. “And for being here. For some reason, I wasn’t as afraid with you here.”

Junho shook his head.

“Really…” Wooyoung said, his voice getting serious. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Junho replied just as Junsu walked back into the room.

“Yeah, thanks …you weren’t lying when you said you had experience,” he commented, totally misreading the conversation.

Wooyoung and Junho exchanged a look as the older boy bent down to clean Wooyoung up. Wooyoung opened his mouth to say something, but Junho put a finger to his lips and winked at him.

With a grin, Wooyoung nodded back and said nothing.

Junho pulled his pants on and was almost to the door when Junsu asked, “Oh…by the way. Why did you come in here in the first place?”

He turned back round and paused for a second, thinking back to this morning. “Um…oh! I was going to ask you guys if you wanted to get some lunch with me. Maybe split take-out?”

Right on cue, Wooyoung’s stomach growled and he giggled; Junsu rolled his eyes.

“I think we’ll take you up on that offer,” he replied, bending over and giving Wooyoung’s stomach a kiss before he stood up and started looking for their clothes.

Junho grinned. “Sounds good. I’ll go get the menus~”

He turned away as the other two began to share another sweet kiss; even after all they had just done, he felt the two of them deserved some privacy.

He closed the door to Junsu’s room softly behind him and allowed himself a small, satisfied smirk. Well that was one problem solved.

A loud rumble from the room across the hall disturbed his thoughts.

Now if only he could work on Jae’s snoring…

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Title: A Good Idea
Pairing: OT5
Fandom: SS501
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic sex, orgy
Summary: When you're in a boyband, good ideas usually involve five people without clothes on.
Notes: Written for the Secret Santa at gyonggo_ss. I was writing for bitofajungle who wanted a 5some~ Hope you liked it. <3

A Good Idea


“I don’t want to hear about it, hyung!”

“Aw, come on, Hyungjun, you know—”

“Shut up, Jungmin! If he doesn’t want you to—”

“Why don’t you shut up, hyung. It’s not like I’m trying to rape him or anything.”

“The only reason it wasn’t rape when you did try was because it ended up being consensual.”

“That’s enough from you, Kyujong.”

“I wish all of you would just shut the hell up for once!” Irritated, Hyunjoong stepped into the apartment behind the rest of the boys, slamming the door behind him.

“Someone’s cranky when they aren’t getting any,” Jungmin remarked snidely, kicking off his shoes and moving deeper into the apartment.

“Jungmin!” he roared, following the younger boy.

Shaking his head, Youngsaeng took off his shoes and placed them neatly beside the door, picking up Jungmin’s and doing the same. He heard a muffled grunt above him and looked up to find Kyujong trying to take off his shoes and balance the armful of magazines he was holding at the same time.

“Here, give them to me,” Youngsaeng murmured, stealing a quick kiss before taking the heavy magazines out of Kyujong’s arms.

With a grin, Kyujong finally managed to get his shoes off and the two boys joined the rest of SS501 in the den, Youngsaeng dumping the magazines onto the coffee table and flopping down onto the couch beside Kyujong.

“I don’t know why they give us so many,” Hyungjun grumbled, kicking at the stack with his foot. Next to him, Jungmin laughed and slung an arm around the youngest’s shoulders. “In fact, I don’t even know why they bother giving us any at all. We stare at each other’s faces for most of our waking hours, so why would we want to do it some more?

“Because you look so hot in your photos,” Jungmin murmured, brushing his lips over the shell of Hyungjun’s ear with a smirk.

“Hyuuuung!” he cried, leaning away and clapping a hand over his ear.

“Oh, please, Jungmin!” Youngsaeng said, exasperated. “Don’t start that again!”

With a fake pout, Jungmin reached out and grabbed one of the magazines, settling back into the couch and opening it pointedly. “Fine, I won’t say anything. But I’m allowed to look all I want.” He grinned devilishly and Kyujong laughed, reaching for one as well.

“We might as well look at the shoot,” he pointed out when Hyungjun sent him a death glare. “Maybe we can get some ideas on how to improve for next time.”

With a sigh, Hyungjun leaned into Jungmin and rested his head on the older boy’s shoulder, glancing down at the magazine uninterestedly. Jungmin placed an absentminded kiss on top of his head, eyes never leave the spread before him.

Hyunjoong, from his seat on the floor by their Christmas tree took one as well and sprawled out on his stomach to read it, soon becoming engrossed in reading the interview they had done to go with the shoot.

The room was silent for the next few minutes as the boys all read the article and examined the pictures, until…

A giggle from Hyungjun.

Youngsaeng didn’t pay any attention to it and neither did Kyujong, until they heard Jungmin whisper something to him and heard the youngest member’s laugh again.

Looking up, Youngsaeng shook his head. Jungmin’s lips were pressed to Hyungjun’s ear and he was pointing to something in the magazine. Both of them were grinning and Hyungjun was squirming, his cheeks looking a little pink.

“Keep your hands to yourself,” Hyunjoong said without even looking up. “If you want to molest each other at least do it behind a closed door.”

“Now, hyung, that’s not fair! We’re not doing anything naughty,” Jungmin whined. “We’re just looking at the magazine!”

The other boys went back to their magazines, but Jungmin shot Hyungjun a sly look and placed a finger on his lips. Nodding, Hyungjun turned his eyes back to the page and pointed at a picture of Kyujong in the center. Beside him, he felt Jungmin hum low in his throat, before he too pointed at the page, though his finger came to rest upon a picture of Youngsaeng. Hyungjun nodded his assent, and his finger traced its way down the picture-Kyujong’s body.

He heard Jungmin stifle a giggle and then the older boy was doing the same thing to the body of the picture-Youngsaeng, fingertip coming to a stop right at his groin, and rubbing in circles.

Hyungjun watched in fascination, his own finger still resting on the picture of Kyujong.

“Hyung looks really hot…doesn’t he?” Jungmin’s warm breath against his ear made him jump in surprise.

“Umm…” he mumbled, avoiding Jungmin’s gaze and looking at the picture of Kyujong instead.

All of a sudden Jungmin chuckled and Hyungjun looked up at him. The older boy was staring at him with his trademark smirk in place. When Hyungjun finally met his eyes, he flicked them downwards. Confused, Hyungjun tilted his head to the side and watched the older boy repeat his action. Following his line of sight he glanced down at his lap and oh…

Jungmin’s hand left the picture of Youngsaeng and began rubbing the bulge in Hyungjun’s pants instead. “I guess you think so, too,” he breathed, sending shivers down the younger boy’s spine. Hyungjun squirmed, trying to hide both his hard-on and the fact that Jungmin was rubbing it from the other boys.

“Admit it,” he continued, tongue slipping out to trace the contours of Hyungjun’s ear. “You were getting turned on just by looking at them.”

“Yeah,” Hyungjun finally mumbled. “But you looked really sexy too, hyung…”

“Ooooh,” Jungmin hummed in his ear. “Now that’s more like it.”

“Ok, that’s it!” Youngsaeng said. “What on earth are you two whispering about over there?!”

With s squeak, Hyungjun sat bolt upright, his cheeks turning red. “Umm…”

Next to him, Jungmin’s devilish grin was back. “You really wanna know?”

“No, he doesn’t. That’s why he asked,” came Hyunjoong’s sarcastic reply, floating up from his position on the floor.

Jungmin rolled his eyes and looked back to Youngsaeng. “Well, it’s because Hyungjun and I were just talking about how hot you and Kyujongie looked in our photoshoot.”

Hyunjoong’s mouth fell wide open as Hyungjun covered his face with his hands and moaned. “Hyuuung, why did you have to tell them that?!”

Youngsaeng, meanwhile, was looking rather thoughtful as he stared at Hyungjun, one finger tapping the side of his cheek. Next to him, Kyujong had ducked his head behind the magazine. Jungmin chuckled when he saw this and nudged Hyungjun, who still had his hands over his face. “He reminds me of you, babe.”

Hyungjun moaned again and kept his hands right where they were, refusing to be agitated by the older man’s goading.

“W-what…what the fuck?!” Hyunjoong’s loud explosion reminded the other boys of his presence.

“Oh don’t worry, hyung. Yours looked pretty hot, too,” Jungmin answered, ignoring the jab in the ribs he received from Hyungjun.

The other boys didn’t think it was physically possible for Hyunjoong’s mouth to open any wider, but apparently they were wrong. Jungmin burst out laughing at the other boy’s reaction and tossed the magazine to the floor. “Personally, though, I liked mine the best.” He stretched his hands over his head grinned.

Youngsaeng rolled his eyes. “You looked good, I’ll give you that, but Hyungjun’s was probably the best.”

Jungmin raised his eyebrows and next to him, Hyungjun squeaked from behind his hands. “Oh really?” he asked, voice taking on its sultry bedroom persona.

“Yes really,” Youngsaeng replied, lowering his eyelids and playing along. “I’d really like to see more, if you don’t mind.”

Hyungjun’s squeak was louder this time and a strangled choking sound came from Hyunjoong.

The others all looked down at him as his face turned several shades of red. “What is this?! I knew you guys dated, but what the hell?! You don’t mean to tell me you have group dating going on here?! Like you all have wild orgies all the time or something?!”

Jungmin paused thoughtfully. “No, we don’t. But that’s not a bad idea.”

“Not a bad idea at all,” Youngsaeng chimed in. He poked his head behind Kyujong’s magazine. “What do you think, Kyujong?”

Slowly the magazine lowered, revealing a very wicked grin plastered across the younger boy’s face. “I think it would be a wonderful idea,” he growled, before pouncing on Youngsaeng and beginning to plunder his mouth ruthlessly.

Jungmin blinked. “Wow. And I thought I was bad.”

He heard Hyungjun’s breath coming in short little pants and glanced over at the younger boy to find him watching the scene before them in fascination, one hand laying forgotten on top of the still-present bulge in his pants.

“Now that won’t do,” he whispered, pressing against Hyungjun and covering the other boy’s hand with his own. “Why don’t you let me help you with that?”

Hyungjun relaxed and allowed the older boy to lay him down on his back on the couch, eyes never leaving the squirming forms of Youngsaeng and Kyujong across the room. He felt Jungmin’s hands ridding him of his pants and felt the cooler air of the room on his skin soon replaced by the other boy’s warm breath. He sighed in pleasure as an even warmer mouth enveloped his cock and reached down to run his fingers through Jungmin’s hair, letting the older boy know how good it felt.

Meanwhile, Kyujong was unbuttoning Youngsaeng’s shirt and practically tearing it off the older boy’s body, tossing it carelessly to the floor and almost hitting Hyunjoong in the process. The leader was watching his bandmates in pure terror, mouth still hanging open as his body remained frozen in place on the floor by the tree. He watched Kyujong tear himself away from Youngsaeng’s mouth and kiss a trail down his neck, leaving shining spots in his wake. He watched as the kisses continued down to his chest and traced along his prominent collarbone, bitemarks appearing soon after.

Moans reached him from the other side of the room and he couldn’t stop his head from turning to look at the other two boys. Jungmin’s head was buried in Hyungjun’s lap and the younger boy was chewing on his bottom lip as he fought to hold in his sounds of pleasure. His cheeks were slightly flushed as he continued to watch Youngsaeng and Kyujong, and one hand had slid itself up under his shirt to toy with his nipples.

In spite of himself, Hyunjoong soon found that he was hard as well, and he fought to keep this hidden from his bandmates, all the while pondering the best way to slip out of the room without them noticing. A particularly loud growl from Kyujong convinced him that he should leave sooner rather than later, so he silently crept along the floor towards the hallway, all the while trying to appear nonchalant about the entire business.

“And just where do you think you’re going?”

A scream choked itself off in Hyunjoong’s throat as Kyujong’s voice sounded right next to his ear. He froze where he was, on all fours, in the middle of the floor.

“Play nice, Kyujong.” But rather than reassuring the older boy, Youngsaeng’s warning only made him more scared and he somehow managed to turn his head to look Kyujong in the eye.

The younger boy was grinning, no leering at him and Hyunjoong swallowed hard. Was this really the same Kyujong that walked the streets by day? The shy, demure, Kyujong who usually kept quiet and let the other boys do the talking?

Jungmin voiced his unspoken thoughts aloud and Youngsaeng chuckled. “That was my reaction, too, at first. I thought he was this sweet, little angel, but…he’s a devil once you get him in bed.”

Jungmin felt Hyungjun’s cock twitch between them at Youngsaeng’s words and he looked down at the younger boy to find him staring at Kyujong in fascination. He smirked and rubbed their bodies together roughly, loving the way Hyungjun arched his back and returned the action, teeth once again worrying his lower lip. He bent his head down and licked a path along the other boy’s jawline, eventually reaching his ear and tracing along the outside shell.

“You want him…don’t you?”

Startled, Hyungjun looked over at Youngsaeng, who had suddenly appeared next to him, kneeling on the floor by the couch. The older boy was looking at him with that thoughtful look again, the one that revealed nothing, except that he was plotting something interesting.

Hyungjun looked back at Jungmin, who nodded for him to continue and returned to tracing his way down the younger boy’s body with his tongue. Hyungjun sighed and moved under his ministrations, forgetting about Youngsaeng for a moment.

On the floor, Hyunjoong found himself on the receiving end of a rather aggressive kiss. His escape attempt had been foiled and not too long after that, Kyujong had pinned him to the floor and plundered his mouth, their bodies mere inches apart. Distracted by the feel of Kyujong’s tongue tracing his lips, Hyunjoong didn’t even notice his shirt was gone until the younger boy began playing with his nipples, twisting and pinching them mercilessly. He bucked and groaned, the pain somehow pleasurable, and Kyujong took the opportunity to slip his tongue into the other boy’s mouth.

Unconsciously, Hyungjun let out a whimper as he watched, tongue darting out to wet his lips. Above him, Jungmin exchanged a sly glance with Youngsaeng, who nodded at him and smiled before leaning in to suckle Hyungjun’s tongue into his mouth. The younger boy moaned and closed his eyes, finally breaking his view of Kyujong and allowed Youngsaeng to distract him with his talented tongue.

Jungmin used this opportunity to slide off the couch and make his way over to Hyunjoong and Kyujong, the former still pinned rather awkwardly to the floor and the latter still teasing his nipples cruelly, though by this time he had replaced his fingers with his mouth. Jungmin smirked for what seemed the millionth time that night and slid up over Kyujong’s back, placing a wet, open-mouthed his at the base of the younger boy’s neck.

Kyujong pulled his head away from Hyunjoong long enough to shoot a glance over his shoulder at Jungmin, who was continuing to place kisses all the way down the other boy’s spine. When he reached the very top of Kyujong’s ass, he stopped and looked up at the older boy impishly, tongue snaking out to trace the smooth skin of his lower back. Kyujong grunted and humped his back upwards, trying to get the older boy to slide his tongue down lower.

But Jungmin wouldn’t hear of it. Pulling away, he shook his head, then looked down at Hyunjoong. The older boy’s eyes widened at the lust in his eyes and he tried unsuccessfully to wriggle his way out from underneath Kyujong.

“Why don’t you let me take care of him? Jungmin asked quietly, licking his lips and giving Kyujong a seductive look. “I think there’s someone else who really wants your attention…” He allowed his eyes to wander over to where Youngsaeng had the youngest member frozen on the couch, then quickly snapped them back to the other two boys.

Kyujong looked back down at Hyunjoong, then over to Hyungjun once again. “Alright…” he murmured, unpinning Hyunjoong just long enough to switch places with Jungmin. Before heading over to the couch, though, he paused long enough to press his lips hungrily to Jungmin’s, the older boy moaning in response and sliding one long-fingered hand down his body.

“You might want to get rid of these,” he murmured, tugging on Kyujong’s clothes.

Kyujong smirked back. “I fully intend to,” he replied.

Nodding, Jungmin turned back to Hyunjoong under him, who lay there, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. Jungmin thought he was the second most delicious sight he had ever seen. Other than a naked Hyungjun, that is. He leaned down slowly and hovered right above the older boy’s lips, exhaling softly and watching as his lips parted even further, the very tip of a pink tongue showing. Practically purring, Jungmin finally touched their lips together and slipped his own tongue in, tangling it with Hyunjoong’s and tasting the other boy thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Kyujong was in the process of slinking over to Youngsaeng and Hyungjun on the couch, shedding his clothes as he went. Throwing his boxers to the side, he slid up next to Hyungjun and licked a path along his jawline.

With a whine, Hyungjun jerked sharply and half-turned to face the older boy, giving Kyujong a full view of Youngsaeng’s head between his legs. Kyujong whined as well and dove in to attack Hyungjun’s mouth almost with an almost animalistic fervor, their teeth and tongues meeting clashing for dominanace. Youngsaeng, knowing from experience what was going on, ignored the other two and focused on the very erect cock between his lips. He suckled on it gently, tongue outlining its shape in his mouth and occasionally passing over the slit at its head, teasing and pleasuring all at once.

Hyungjun was writhing at the combined ministrations of the older boys, one hand reaching down to yank and Youngsaeng’s hair, and the other threading itself around Kyujong’s neck to try and pull the other boy in closer. He felt Kyujong slide the fingers of one hand down his ribs and shuddered, breaking their kiss.

Kyujong licked his lips and looked down at Hyungjun hungrily, standing up and moving to the couch so quickly that the younger boy didn’t have time to protest. He soon found himself looking up at Kyujong as the older boy straddled him, his cock hanging down almost right in front of his lips. Knowing what Kyujong wanted, Hyungjun quickly reached out with his free hand and grabbed the older boy’s member, guiding it towards his mouth.

From his position on the floor, Jungmin watched all this out of the corner of his eye as he toyed with Hyunjoong. Their leader was so uptight most of the time, he now felt it his personal duty to help him relax and unwind. Especially since it was the holidays and all. He could feel the slightly smaller body underneath him trembling and decided to put his mouth to better use. Ever so slowly, he left Hyunjoong’s mouth, a shining trail of saliva still connecting them, and slid his lips down over the older boy’s toned body.

He traced the pattern of muscle down his hyung’s neck until he reached his collarbone, nipping it playfully before continuing down to Hyunjoong’s already much-abused nipples. Deciding not to push the older man too much, he merely placed a wet kiss on each of them before continuing on his way, tongue now tracing the shape of Hyunjoong’s abs and swirling around his navel.

Hyunjoong moaned at the feeling, throwing one arm across his eyes to hide his face and flinging the other one out to grab at the carpet. He had never experienced anything like this before…no girl had ever been able to do things like this with their tongue! He could feel his cock throbbing in anticipation as he waited for Jungmin’s skilled mouth to finish its downward journey.

Jungmin almost laughed out loud as he felt Hyunjoong’s cock twitch between them. He allowed his tongue to reach the edge of the older boy’s jeans before stopping, fingers coming up to dance lightly along the skin right above his belt. Hyunjoong grunted in displeasure, rocking his hips upwards a little, but kept his arm over his face to hide his blush. The younger boy grinned, guessing what was going through his hyung’s mind and merely ran his tongue along the smooth skin of his lower abdomen, fingers absentmindedly tracing patterns and shapes on the older boy’s thighs.

Across the room, Kyujong groaned as he moved his hips, thrusting in and out of Hyungjun’s mouth. The younger boy was sucking him hard and fondling his balls, tugging on them gently and rolling them in the palm of his hand. Truth be told, it was driving him wild, and Kyujong could feel himself getting dangerously close to climax.

Behind him, Youngsaeng was still working Hyungjun’s cock, albeit more slowly, and preparing to slid one finger into the younger boy’s entrance. He had dug a little container of lube out from his pocket only a few seconds earlier and was working on somehow opening it with one hand. A small pop a moment later told him he had succeeded, and he smeared the contents all over the first three fingers of his hand.

A howl from Hyungjun a moment later had every single one of the other boys looking in his direction.

A bit startled, Youngsaeng pulled his mouth away long enough to raise his head and look at Jungmin questioningly.

“Oh…did I forget to mention he’s a bit…sensitive?” Jungmin asked, a little hoarsely.

“A bit?” Youngsaeng muttered, before working his finger in deeper.

Hyungjun, though obviously hyper-sensitive at this point, didn’t seem to be feeling any pain. On the contrary, his muscles were flexing around his hyung’s finger, almost as if he was trying to draw it in deeper. Deciding this was a good sign, Youngsaeng slid in another finger and lowered his mouth to Hyungjun’s erection once more. This time, he merely placed butterfly kisses all along his length, loving the way it twitched responsively under his ministrations.

Jungmin chose that moment to finally divest Hyunjoong of his pants, unzipping the older boy’s jeans with tantalizing slowness, and sliding them off his slim hips even slower. Hyunjoong growled under him and kicked his feet, flinging the offending article of clothing nearly all the way across the room. Jungmin chuckled and ignored his boxers for the time being, instead choosing to lay down on his stomach between the older boy’s legs and bury his face in his hyung’s package.

Now it was Hyunjoong’s turn to howl as he felt Jungmin’s warm breath seeping through the thin fabric of his boxers. His neglected length twitched and began leaking as Jungmin continued to mouth it through his underwear, saliva eventually soaking through and only making things worse. Hyunjoong was practically writhing by the time Jungmin finally decided to peel his boxers off as well, throwing them in the general direction of his pants.

Licking his lips at the sight of Hyunjoong’s pink cock bobbing stiffly before him, Jungmin leaned in and blew on the tip gently, yanking his head back when Hyunjoong thrust his hips up angrily.

“Quit teasing,” he growled between clenched teeth.

Jungmin opened his mouth and ran the edge of his teeth around the crown of the older boy’s erection. Hyunjoong howled in response, arm finally falling away from his face as he half sat up, looking down at Jungmin with a mixture of pleasure and disbelief in his eyes.

The younger boy smirked his trademark smirk yet again and slid his tongue out to lap up the drop of precum that was leaking from Hyunjoong’s cock, all the while keeping eye contact with the older boy.

For the space of a heartbeat, their eyes remained locked, before Hyunjoong, unable to take the heat in Jungmin’s gaze, fell back onto the floor with a groan, hands reaching down to try and push his dongsaeng’s mouth fully onto his erection. Jungmin decided the teasing had lasted long enough and allowed his head to be guided downwards, sucking the older boy in almost all the way. He felt the telltale tickle of Hyunjoong’s pubes on his nose and brought his head to a halt, knowing he had about reached his limit. To placate Hyunjoong, however, he took hold of the other boys balls and began playing with them, hoping to also use this as a distraction so he could begin prepping him.


Irritated, Jungmin ignored the voice of Youngsaeng and continued pleasuring the boy beneath him, tongue doing all it could to draw out his moans and gasps of pleasure.

“Jungmin!!” This time, the sound of his name was accompanied by something hard hitting him in the back of the head.

“What?!” he shouted, sitting up between Hyunjoong’s legs and looking over his shoulder at the other three boys on the couch. Hyungjun snickered at him and Youngsaeng shook his head.

“How are we going to do this?” the latter asked.

Jungmin blinked, then glanced down at the floor to see what had hit him in the head. The lube.

Snatching it up, he squeezed a generous amount into one hand and turned back to Hyunjoong.

“I don’t know,” he finally responded. “Just come down here and we’ll figure something out.”

The other three boys soon joined him and Hyunjoong on the floor, the last few remaining bits of clothing pulled off and tossed aside as they congregated to form one mass of writhing limbs and sweaty bodies. Jungmin had already slid a finger inside of Hyunjoong, ignoring the other boy’s protests, and now found his mouth occupied by Hyungjun, who was making out with him hungrily.

Behind Hyungjun, Kyujong was finishing the prep work Youngsaeng had started, sliding out his fingers after only a few thrusts and starting to slick up his cock. Youngsaeng was visible behind him, doing much the same thing. Getting an idea, Jungmin grabbed hold of Hyungjun’s shoulders and began tugging the younger boy around towards Hyunjoong.


“Shh, just trust me on this one.”

Allowing himself to be maneuvered by Jungmin, Hyungjun soon found himself positioned above Hyunjoong, Youngsaeng and Kyujong following behind him. Hyunjoong’s eyes widened as he realized what was expected of him and he looked up at Jungmin with murder in his glance.

“Suck,” Jungmin ordered, before shoving into the leader’s body in one quick motion.

With a howl, Hyunjoong threw his head back, only to have Hyungjun’s cock shoved in a split second later. He could feel, via his connection with the younger boy, Kyujong and Youngsaeng slide themselves in as well, and moaned around his mouthful.

Above him, Hyungjun arched his back and leaned against Kyujong, humming deep in his throat as the older boy reached around to toy with his nipples and as Jungmin leaned forward to capture his mouth once more. Their tongues tangled, tasting a mixture of the other boys and both moaned, strangely aroused by the taste.

Hyunjoong, meanwhile, was fidgeting uncomfortably beneath Jungmin. He could feel a line of fire trailing up his spine from where Jungmin was now seated in his ass, and he didn’t like it. It was pure torture to even imagine what it was going to be like when Jungmin began to move, and he wanted to make his discomfort known, since his mouth was otherwise occupied.

But the younger boy ignored his warning signals and ground his hips in a small circle, cock rotating and brushing against the inner walls of Hyunjoong’s passage.

His answering moan was muffled by Hyungjun’s cock and the younger boy whined in response, pushing his own ass back against Kyujong and whispering a breathy, “Ready,” to the two boys behind him.

They looked at Jungmin, who nodded, and all three slowly began moving their hips. Hyunjoong cried out again underneath them, but it did no good, so he resigned himself to the fiery pain spreading outwards from his lower half.

Looking for a distraction, any distraction, he focused on Hyungjun’s cock in his mouth, suckling on it with all his might, cheeks hollowing as he did. He felt the young boy thrust shallowly into his mouth and took this as a good sign. He then added his tongue into the mix, tracing the prominent veins that ran up the sides of the youngest’s member and feeling him thrust again.

Meanwhile, Kyujong sped up the pace of his thrusting, setting the rhythm for the other boys. His hips moved quickly, driving in and out of Hyungjun’s body, sweat shining on his chest and rolling down the sides his face. Jungmin flicked his dripping hair out of his eyes and doubled the speed of his own hips to keep up with the other boy, once again amazed at his complete 180 in personality.

Youngsaeng too, matched his speed to Kyujong’s as his breath hissed in and out between clenched teeth. He didn’t top as often as Kyujong did, so Kyujong’s passage felt extra tight around him and the heat was quickly making him lose it. He could feel the younger boy’s muscles contracting around him and leaned his head forward to bury his face in Kyujong’s neck, nipping lightly at the junction with his shoulder.

Kyujong growled at the feel of his boyfriend’s mouth and began thrusting almost violently into Hyungjun, his arousal growing and nearing the point of no return. Jungmin, who had since pulled back from Hyungjun’s lips, watched all this in fascination, his own cock twitching at the sight as he thrust increasingly quicker into Hyunjoong’s body.

The oldest, however, was beginning wish the others would go even faster. Swifter than he had thought possible, the pain had faded and been replaced with a different kind of fire—this one pleasurable. His erection was now leaking freely all over his stomach as the combined rhythms of the other boys rocked his body. Every once and a while he would feel Jungmin brush against something inside of him and an even greater burst of pleasure would surge through him, causing him to moan and send vibrations up Hyungjun’s cock. This in turn only made the younger boy vocalize his pleasure louder, which of course spurred the others on.

Hyunjoong ran one hand down his sweaty chest to grip his cock tightly, feeling his orgasm approaching. Jungmin thrust into him once, twice more, hitting his prostate both times, and the older boy felt himself lose it, heat pooling in his groin and exploding out through his member, covering his already overheated chest and hand. He nearly screamed at the feeling of ecstasy this brought on and thrashed almost violently under the other three boys, mouth somehow continuing to work around Hyungjun.

At the feel of Hyunjoong’s passage clamping down around him in the throes of his orgasm, Jungmin gave a loud grunt and felt his rhythm deteriorate into nothing. He thrust his hips raggedly in and out of the boy beneath him, knowing his own orgasm couldn’t be too far off.

Hyungjun and the others felt the effects of Hyunjoong’s peak as well.

Hyungjun in particular, as Hyunjoong’s screams of pleasure were sending an almost continuous stream of delicious vibrations up his weeping length. Only a few moments later, he let himself go and came with a loud moan into the older boy’s mouth, falling forward onto his hands, head inches away from Jungmin’s chest. He leaned forward and little nuzzled his boyfriend’s skin, licking at his sweat and tasting him on his tongue as he continued to shoot his cum into Hyunjoong’s mouth.

Jungmin reached his peak as he watched Hyungjun reach his and drove his member as far as it would go into Hyunjoong’s body, their hips meeting with a resounding smack as he did. Hyunjoong felt warmth coating the sides of his passage and moaned again, cock giving a few more weak spurts in his hand before finally going limp.

Kyujong quickened to a frenzied pace, incredibly turned on by the sights of the other three boy’s orgasms. He heard Youngsaeng’s “Ahh!” of surprise behind him and clenched his muscles as hard as he could around his older lover.

With another “Ahh,” Youngsaeng came hard, hips continuing to pump in and out of Kyujong’s tight passage as the younger boy arched his back and came as well, pulling out of Hyungjun and spurting cum all over his back.

Jungmin, riding the waves of his orgasm, watched all this through slitted eyes and came all the harder for it. He reached out and ran his fingers through Kyujong’s cum and brought it to his mouth to taste, as the other boys collapsed in a heap on the floor.

His mouth finally free, Hyunjoong took in deep gulps of air as he lay on the floor, eyes closed and chest heaving. His entire body was covered in sweat and cum, but somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to mind. He felt Jungmin pull out of him a few heartbeats later and fall to the floor beside him, skin flushed pink and lips hanging open.

Hyungjun gave a weak chuckle from Hyunjoong’s other side as he looked at Jungmin.

Too tired to come up with a scathing retort, Jungmin merely stuck his tongue out at the younger body and slung an arm over Hyungjoon’s waist.

On Hyungjun’s other side, Youngsaeng and Kyujong were cuddling up, the younger of the two spooning his boyfriend, who wrapped lean arms around Hyungjun’s chest and pulled him into their embrace. Lazily, Hyungjun reached out and twined his fingers with Jungmin’s, completing the circuit so they were all held comfortably in some kind of warm embrace.

“That was a good idea, hyung,” Hyungjun commented through a yawn.

Youngsaeng smiled sleepily and nodded, placing a kiss on top of the youngest member’s head. “Most of my ideas usually are.”

“Except for the one with the chocolate syrup and—”

“Yes, I know that wasn’t one of my better ideas,” Youngsaeng said, the anger in his voice somehow losing its edge when combined with his tiredness.

Jungmin gave a weak laugh. “I’d love to know what that one was.”

“Some other time,” Hyunjoong said, speaking for the first time since they had all finished. “For now, how about you guys follow my earlier suggestion and shut up so I can get some sleep.”

The other four all laughed, but snuggled down, ready to follow their leader’s suggestion.

“Geez…seems he’s cranky even when he is getting some,” Jungmin commented, sleep overtaking him at the end of his sentence.

“I’ll…I’ll,” Hyunjoong yawned so wide he felt his jaw crack. “I’ll get you back for that one, Jungmin.”

“I think he’d like that, hyung,” Hyungjun murmured sleepily. Youngsaeng and Kyujong were already gone, their breathing deep and even.

Hyunjoong muttered crossly, but allowed himself to succumb to sleep as well, figuring that since this little episode had gone so well, there would definitely be more opportunities in the future for him to get his revenge.


Title: Trust Me (or How Youngbae Likes to Spice Up His Sex Life)
Pairing: GDYB
Fandom: Big Bang
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Graphic (gay) sex, language, kink
Summary: In which Youngbae gives Jiyong a kinky birthday present.
Notes: So...I meant to sit down and write a little one-shot with this idea I had, but it ended up turning into an almost 7,000-word-long-beast. Yeah. So...enjoy. The smut's at the end if you just wanna read the good stuff, lol.(And for the record, I never EVER thought I'd write a GDYB. They're just not my thing, but for some reason they were the only ones that seemed to fit with what I had in mind, lol.)

Trust Me
(or How Youngbae Spices Up His Sex Life)


“I’m home!” The familiar voice echoed through the apartment.

“Yooooooungbaaaaaaaae!” came the familiar answer. Moments later and said singer was greeted by a familiar sight: Jiyong barreling down the hallway towards him, arms wide open.

He laughed and caught the younger boy up in his arms, wincing slightly as their bodies pressed together. “You ok?” Jiyong asked, peppering his face with kisses.

“Yeah,” Youngbae answered, shifting his armful around into a different position and returning the kisses. “I just think you need to get down.”

Jiyong shrugged and hopped down. Normally Youngbae would carry him into the living room and the two would fall onto the couch in a tangled, giggling heap. But he wrote it off, figuring the older man was probably just sore from his schedule in Japan.

“Glad you’re back, hyung!” Daesung called from the other room.

“Yeah, we missed you!” echoed Seungri, before he shouted at Daesung to stop cheating, the sound of the video game nearly loud enough to drown out their voices.

Coming out of the kitchen, Seunghyun just rolled his eyes at the other two and welcomed Youngbae back as well, eyebrows raising when he saw Jiyong standing on his own two feet. “Well,” he commented, before shaking his head and going back into the kitchen.

Youngbae felt Jiyong’s eyes on him, but he just shrugged and bent down to pick up his bag off the floor. “I’m so sore,” he mumbled, not looking the other boy in the eye.

“Aw, you poor baby,” Jiyong cooed, following his lover deeper into the apartment. “Want me to give you a massage?” He reached out and slid his hands down his lover’s back.

“Erm…thanks, Ji, but not now,” Youngbae replied, shaking off the other boy’s hands. “I think I’m just gonna go take a shower and go to bed. I’m kind of tired.”

Perplexed, Jiyong watched as Youngbae moved gingerly down the hall.

“Hyuuuung~ Make Daesung stop cheating!!!!”

Deciding to put it from his mind for now, Jiyong turned around and put on his best ‘Kwon Leadah’ face. “Yah, Daesung! Stop cheating and let the maknae win!”


After dinner, Jiyong left the two maknaes to do the dishes, and took his shower before Seunghyun could use all the hot water. Clad in only a towel, he stole quickly across the hall into his and Youngbae’s room, closing the door softly behind him and practically running to jump into bed.

He heard Youngbae shift next to him and a sleepy voice mumbled his name.

“Bae,” he whispered quietly, leaning forward to place a wet kiss on the older boy’s forehead.


Jiyong pressed their bodies together, knowing Youngbae could feel the nakedness of his skin. “I missed you,” he breathed against the other boy’s neck.

“Missed you too,” came the foggy reply. It was soon followed by a yawn.

But Jiyong continued to rub their bodies together, his hand sliding slowly down Youngbae’s chest, tracing the outlines of his abs just the way he knew the older boy liked it.

He felt Youngbae shudder beneath him and smirked, hand preparing to slide even lower and move in for the kill.

“Ji, really. I meant what I said earlier,” Youngbae said, and Jiyong could hear the frown in his voice. “I’m tired, ok? Not tonight.”

Jiyong immediately pulled his hand away, stung. Since when did Youngbae ever refuse sex?

He heard Youngbae sigh next to him and then the covers rustled. Warm arms encircled him and a pair of familiar lips placed a kiss on top of his head.

“I’m sorry, ok? I’m just…I’m just really tired and I need some sleep. Please not tonight, ok?”

Jiyong nodded and settled himself next to the older boy, not completely satisfied. The space Youngbae kept between their bodies spoke volumes and he knew there was probably more to this than just his lover being tired.


The next morning, Jiyong woke to an empty bed. That wouldn’t have been unusual, except for the fact that Jiyong knew Youngbae didn’t have any solo activities scheduled for the morning, and Big Bang’s schedule didn’t start until almost 2:00. True, Youngbae usually got up earlier than him, but he’d stay in bed and read or something until Jiyong woke up.

Pouting, he sat up and scratched his head, yawning widely. The bedroom door opened, just as he was about to climb out of bed, and he froze until he saw it was just Youngbae. A fully-clothed Youngbae.

“Oh, morning, Ji,” Youngbae said, crossing the room towards the desk. “Have you seen my—”

“Why are you wearing clothes?” Jiyong snapped, beginning to lose his patience. If this was just some kind of game, it was getting old.

Youngbae stared at him. “Um…because I think the others would be scarred for life if I walked around naked.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Jiyong sighed, walking over to the older boy and pressing their bodies together. He missed the cringe that crossed Youngbae’s face as he wrapped his arms around him, but felt the subtle shift in his stance. Youngbae’s arms wrapped around him a heartbeat too late, and Jiyong sighed again, letting go.

“Never mind, just forget it,” he said dully.

Before Youngbae could say anything by way of an explanation, Jiyong had already slipped out the door, heading towards the shower.


“But you promised, hyung!”

“I did, but I didn’t know we’d be getting back this late!”

“But, hyuuuuuung~”

“Shut the hell up, Ri! You heard him!”

“You’re just mad because the noonas screamed my name louder and—”

“Ok, ok, ok!” Jiyong shouted, kicking off his shoes and turning around to face the other members still crowded in the doorway. “Seungri, we’ll all watch your stupid movie!”

Seungri crowed in triumph, shoving his way past Daesung to go set up the DVD player.

“But it’s straight to bed after that!” Jiyong called after him.

Seunghyun just shook his head and collapsed into a chair; within minutes his chin had dropped to his chest and his shoulders rose and fell evenly.

Daesung smiled when he saw this and curled up on the floor at his hyung’s feet, stifling a yawn of his own.

Jiyong, meanwhile, settled himself down on the couch next to Youngbae, and took it as a good sign when the older boy wrapped an arm around him and cuddled their bodies close. Maybe he was just sore and now was beginning to recover…Jiyong snuck a glance over at his lover and found Youngbae looking back. His eyes crinkled into a smile and Jiyong grinned back, breathing an internal sigh of relief.


An hour into the movie, and Seungri was asleep as well, his head pillowed on Daesung’s lap. Daesung looked like he had nodded off too, leaning against Seunghyun’s leg. One of them was snoring softly, though it was hard to tell who.

Jiyong rolled his eyes and got up to shut off the TV, stretching as he did.

“So much for Seungri’s movie,” Youngbae snorted.

Jiyong grunted and nudged said boy’s sleeping form with his foot. Upon getting no response, he sighed and walked back over to Youngbae, plopping himself down on the older boy’s lap without a second thought.

The yelp of surprise Youngbae let out woke the other three members up and startled Jiyong so much, he jumped back up and nearly tripped on the rug.

Youngbae’s face turned pink when he saw his bandmates all staring at him. Jiyong’s eyes were wide with shock and the other three looked confused.

“Um…” was all he could get out.

“Bae?” Jiyong whispered.

The two just stared at each other, and Seunghyun quietly ushered the younger members out of the room, mumbling something about going to bed.

Even with the room empty, Youngbae still avoided Jiyong’s gaze, choosing instead to stare at the floor, fighting to keep his cheeks from getting any redder.

“Bae?” Jiyong whispered again and Youngbae heard the uncertainty with a slight undercurrent of fear in his voice.

“I…umm…you landed awkwardly on my lap. Sorry.”

When he looked up, he swore he saw tears at the corner of Jiyong’s eyes before the younger boy turned away. “I’m going to bed,” he muttered, and slammed their bedroom door.

With a sigh, Youngbae made himself comfortable on the couch.


This same pattern continued for the next few weeks, with Youngbae avoiding too much close contact with Jiyong and the younger man doing his damndest to seduce his lover, fighting pain and insecurity the whole time. He would have given up, if—in his mind at least—that hadn’t have meant the end of them.

Youngbae, too, seemed to be fighting with himself. Sometimes he would let Jiyong cuddle up to him and sometimes not. He never let Jiyong sit on his lap anymore, in public or not, and he avoided showering with him. In fact, Jiyong didn’t think he had seen the other boy completely naked since before he left for Japan. It’s not like they were shy around each other—that had disappeared years ago.

So what was going on?

Youngbae was sitting at the kitchen table, eating the leftovers from the other boys’ dinners. His solo work had kept him out later and he had only just returned home. Seunghyun, Daesung, and Seungri had all disappeared into Seunghyun’s room hours ago, so Jiyong figured they had enough privacy for him to attempt yet again to get physical with Youngbae.

He sidled up behind his lover and rested his chin on top of his head, hearing Youngbae’s chuckle. “No, you can’t have any.”

Deciding to go along, Jiyong pouted and whined, “But I’m still hungry.”

“Too bad,” Youngbae said, shoving the last of the rice into his mouth. “I’m more starved than you.”

Jiyong smirked and slid his hands up over Youngbae’s shoulders and down his chest. “Oh, I doubt that…I’m pretty hungry.”

As his hands slid lower and lower, he could feel Youngbae’s body grow stiffer and stiffer. Knowing this wasn’t a good sign, but refusing to give up, Jiyong kept sliding his hands lower until his fingers just brushed against the edge of Youngbae’s cargo pants.

The older boy stood up abruptly, nearly knocking Jiyong over in the process. “It’s late,” he muttered, without meeting Jiyong’s eyes. “Why don’t you get into bed and wait for me—I still need a shower.”

And without waiting for a response, he disappeared down the hall and into the bathroom.

Jiyong heard the lock turn behind him with a horrifying sense of finality.


“Why is he avoiding me?” Jiyong asked in a small voice.

“I think only he can answer that question, Ji,” Seunghyun answered, trying to peel a giggling Seungri off of him.

Jiyong sighed and drew his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them tightly.

“But what did I do?” he continued.

Daesung rolled his eyes. “Nothing, as far as I know. Normally we all know when you’ve done something stupid.”

Jiyong lifted his head and pouted at the younger man, who had decided to help Seungri out by jumping on Seunghyun’s back.

“Guys…” he whined. “You’re not being much help!”

“How can we be?” Seunghyun grunted. “None of us understand the weird way you guys work. Yah! Maknaes, get the hell off! What are you guys, like ten?”

Sighing again, Jiyong got to his feet and left the room.


Jiyong decided to attempt one last time to figure out what was wrong with Youngbae. He showered early that night, making sure to use Youngbae’s favorite shower gel, and climbed into bed completely naked. He made sure to set the lube on the floor next to their bed, just in case his plan wasn’t obvious enough. Hitting the lights, he pulled the curtains so the room was in complete darkness.

Then, he waited.

When Youngbae came in a few minutes later, he froze in the doorway.

“Bae?” Jiyong whispered in his best come-hither voice.

Silence filled the room for the space of a few heartbeats before Youngbae finally shut the door behind him, blocking out the light from the hall. He crossed the room slowly and it seemed like ages before Jiyong felt the bed dip beneath his weight.

Lifting up his arms, Jiyong wrapped them tightly around Youngbae’s neck, drawing the older man down into a sultry kiss. He pulled gently, throwing Youngbae off balance so they fell back onto the bed in a heap, lips never breaking contact.

He heard Youngbae’s grunt of surprise and smiled against his lips, arching his body up to make more contact between them. To his surprise, Youngbae let him.

Deciding this was a good sign, Jiyong continued to kiss his lover, slipping his tongue into the older man’s mouth.

He nearly jumped in shock when Youngbae’s hand slid itself down his body and over the crotch of his pants, making his breath hitch in his throat. He broke their kiss to moan and suddenly, it was like a switch had been flipped.

Youngbae jerked away quickly, eyes wide, and breathing heavy. “No,” he said in a strangled voice.

Before Jiyong could ask why or what or how, Youngbae had jumped to his feet and left the room.


Jiyong wandered listlessly into the living room where Daesung, Seungri, and Seunghyun were currently watching TV. Youngbae was holed up in his and Jiyong’s room, as he had been ever since he got back from Japan. Seungri shook his head at the vacant look on their leader’s face.

Jiyong opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but Daesung beat him to it.

“Just go and talk to him, hyung,” the trot singer said with a smile. “I’m sure if you explain to him how you feel, he’ll understand and you guys can work things out. I know for a fact he still loves you.”

Jiyong closed his mouth and nodded, turning around again and moving silently down the hall to the room he and Youngbae shared.

A few minutes later, he padded back into the room, sinking onto the couch beside Seungri and leaning his head on the maknae’s shoulder. Seungri raised an eyebrow, looking down at the top of the older boy’s head in wonder. His hyungs certainly were acting strange lately.

“Well, what did he say?” Seunghyun asked, eyes still on the TV show the three of them had been watching.

No answer.

By this time, the TV show was forgotten and three sets of eyes were focused on the leader of Big Bang, who had stood back up and turned as if to leave the room.

Daesung jumped up as well and grabbed hold of his thin arms. “Hyung, this has got to stop. What happened between you two?”

“He won’t tell me!”

Daesung blinked, taken aback at the outburst.

“He won’t fuckin’ tell me what’s wrong and I don’t know what to do anymore!” Jiyong shouted, on the verge of hysterics. “I can’t do this! I just can’t do this!” He yanked his arms out of Daesung’s grasp and stormed out of the room.

They heard the front door of the apartment slam. Seunghyun sighed.

Seungri, sprawled across his lap, reached up and patted the side of the older boy’s face. “It’s ok, hyung. You’ll always have me.”

Rolling his eyes, Seunghyun got to his feet, dumping Seungri unceremoniously onto the floor.

“Yah!” the younger boy squawked. “What has gotten into you all lately?!”

“I’ll talk to him,” Seunghyun said quietly, soothing an indignant Seungri into silence with a touch of his hand. “If he won’t talk to Jiyong, he’ll have to talk to me.”

Seungri, still nursing the sting of rejection, climbed into Daesung’s lap. The two of them watched as Seunghyun strode down the hall purposefully and entered Youngbae’s room without knocking.

Half an hour later, the rapper exited Youngbae’s room, looking more than a little disturbed. Seungri and Daesung looked at him expectantly as he entered the living room.

“Well?!” Seungri demanded.

“I never should have asked,” the older boy groaned, sinking to the floor and covering his face with his hands.

Daesung and Seungri shared a wild, panicked look before rushing to the oldest Big Bang member. If Seunghyun-hyung was this bothered over what was going on between Youngbae and Jiyong, it had to be bad.

Meanwhile, Youngbae was in his room, curled up in a ball much as Seunghyun was, his face burning. “I never should have told him,” he groaned.


Later that night, Daesung entered his room to find someone already in his bed.

“I’m moving in,” Youngbae announced quietly.

“Hyung—” Daesung began.

“It won’t last long, I promise. Just trust me on this, DaeDae.” Youngbae’s eyes pleaded with him.

With a sigh, Daesung turned off the light and joined his friend in bed. “Move over,” he muttered, shoving the older boy. “You better not be a cover hog.”


Jiyong’s birthday was the next day, but he really didn’t seem to care. Any other year and he would be swaggering around the apartment, nagging at the other boys to buy him presents, trying to peek at his birthday cake, and heckling Youngbae about being a romantic sop.

But today, he merely sat quietly on the couch, staring absently out the window at the rapidly darkening sky.

“We have the day off tomorrow, Ji,” Seunghyun tried.

Jiyong nodded.

“We can do whatever you want for your birthday. Do you want to go somewhere special?” the older boy tried again.

Jiyong shrugged.

“Or if you want, we could stay home. We’ll order whatever you want for takeout.”

Jiyong didn’t even shrug this time.

Slightly exasperated, Seunghyun ran his hands through his hair and decided to give it one last try. “I’ll take Seungri and Dae out for the day. You and Youngbae can have the entire apartment to yourselves. Would you like that?”

Jiyong glanced over at him, uninterested, but Seunghyun decided to press on anyway.

“You guys can even do it on the couch, for fuck’s sake, but just please! Fix whatever this is between the two of you!”

But Jiyong merely shrugged again and turned back to the window, eyes never showing the slightest sign of interest.

And Seunghyun, in a rare show of anger, stomped his way out of the room, kicking a chair on the way for good measure. Seungri and Daesung, from their places at the kitchen table, watched as he stomped all the way down the hallway and into the room Daesung was now sharing with Youngbae, not even bothering to knock. He slammed the door behind him forcefully and the two jumped.

“Hmm…” Daesung said, licking off his spoon slowly.

“What, hyung? I tried telling you that eating his ice cream was a bad idea, but noooo—”

“Shut it, Ri, it’s not about the ice cream,” the older boy replied, taking another spoonful. “I just wonder…”

Silence reigned for a few heartbeats.

Seungri sighed. “What are you wondering?” he asked sarcastically, ready to shove his spoon down the throat of whichever hyung annoyed him next.

Daesung stuck his spoon in his mouth and leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest. He stared at the empty ice cream carton for a few seconds. “I wonder if this whole thing between the two of them is really actually a fight,” he said finally, pulling the spoon out of his mouth and going to the sink to wash it off.

“What do you mean?” Seungri stood as well, hiding the empty ice cream container under some paper towels in the trash can and handing his spoon to Daesung.

“Well, as far as I know, Jiyong didn’t actually do anything, this time. Usually when he and Youngbae fight, it’s because he did something dumb, and they sulk for a few days, then one of them jumps the other and everything’s ok.”

Seungri rolled his eyes and dried their spoons off before putting them back in the drawer.

“But this time, I don’t remember Jiyong doing anything. And Youngbae couldn’t have done anything because he wasn’t even here.”

“Ok, so maybe they’re just being stupid,” Seungri said, not seeing where the whole thing was going. “I wouldn’t put it past Jiyong-hyung.”

Daesung chuckled and reached out to pull the younger boy into a headlock, ruffling his perfectly styled hair. “Never mind, it’s not something children would understand anyway.”

“Yah!” Seungri shrieked. “Seriously, what is it with you all lately?! Did you all eat something funny or what?”

But Daesung just laughed again and let go of Seungri to head down the hallway. The younger boy followed him, still complaining, the sounds of their voices loud in the apartment until the bathroom door slammed shut behind them.


“Alright,” Seunghyun said firmly, opening the front door of the apartment. “If this whole thing isn’t resolved by the time we come back, I’m kicking both your asses and telling President Yang.”

Youngbae’s face turned red and he watched as the older boy shoved a sleepy-looking Seungri and a smug-looking Daesung out the door.

“You’ve got 12 hours,” Seunghyun hissed, pulling the door shut. “Don’t fuck it up.”

The entire apartment seemed to vibrate with the force of the door slamming. Youngbae winced and pressed his hands to his cheeks, waiting for his blush to subside. Why had he ever said anything?!

He turned around and stared down the hallway, eyes met with the sight of Jiyong’s closed bedroom door. He smiled softly to himself, knowing how much Big Bang’s leader enjoyed sleeping in. He padded softly forward, glancing at the clock and debating whether or not to go in and wake Jiyong up yet. Twelve hours was a lot of time…maybe he’d let Jiyong sleep a bit more before giving him his birthday present.

Quietly, he opened the door and slipped inside, closing it behind him just as softly. Bare feet making no noise on the soft carpet, he crossed the room and knelt down by the side of Jiyong’s bed—what used to be their bed—and watched as the younger boy mumbled something in his sleep.

Youngbae smiled again at Jiyong’s cuteness, unable to resist reaching out and running his fingers through the other boy’s hair. It was getting long. Maybe those headbands Jiyong wore weren’t just for fashion. He laughed quietly at the thought, before standing up and hiking up the covers just enough to allow him to slide into bed next to Jiyong’s sleeping form. He settled down as quietly as possible, getting comfortable and preparing to wait out the morning while Jiyong slept.

The other boy’s eyelids fluttered slightly, but didn’t open and Youngbae watched him for a few moments while he slept, feeling like he was falling in love all over again. Jiyong looked so…young when he was like this. Without all his clothes and hats and shoes and stage persona, he was reduced to simply ‘Jiyong’ as opposed to ‘G-Dragon’. He looked so innocent and so peaceful, his face lacking all the bravado and charisma it exuded when they were in public.

Reaching out, Youngbae slid his arm around the younger boy’s waist, pulling him closer so their bodies were cuddled together. Jiyong’s eyelids fluttered again and he blinked, before opening his eyes fully. He started up at Youngbae blankly.

Youngbae’s stomach fluttered and for the first time, he was unsure of himself. “Happy birthday, Ji,” he whispered, hoping his voice didn’t echo the uncertainty his mind felt.

“Thanks,” came the flat reply as he rolled over to face the wall, pulling out of Youngbae’s embrace.

Youngbae nearly frowned, but remembered he kind of deserved it. “Hopefully this will make it up to Jiyong…” he thought to himself, sliding over further so their bodies were once again touching.

“I have a present for you,” he said softly, trailing one finger down the side of Jiyong’s face.

“You didn’t have to,” Jiyong said in that same, flat voice.

“Do you want to see it?” Youngbae continued, leaning in so his lips could trace the path his finger had just taken.

“Not really!” Jiyong snapped, showing emotion for the first time as he pulled away and sat up, starting down at Youngbae with a mixture of hurt and anger in his eyes. “What I really want to know is what the fuck is wrong with you! Did I do something? Did I say something? Why won’t you just fucking tell me what’s going on?!”

Youngbae fidgeted, one hand unconsciously straying to the waistband of his jeans and fiddling with his belt buckle. “Well…I can’t really tell you…”

“Oh well that’s just fucking great!” Jiyong exclaimed, throwing his hands up and moving to slide out of bed.

“But I can show you,” Youngbae continued, whipping out his best bedroom voice and putting on his best bedroom face.

Jiyong glanced down at him, confused. His mouth twisted into a frown. “Why should I believe you?”

Youngbae reached out and grabbed him by the wrist, tugging the younger boy down on top of him. “Because when have I ever failed you before?” he breathed, brushing his lips over the curve of Jiyong’s ear.

Jiyong shuddered at the touch and tried weakly to pull away. “This past month y-you have,” his voice dissolved into a whimper as Youngbae suckled on his earlobe, hands sliding down his back and into the top of his sweatpants.

“I’m sorry,” Youngbae whispered, the sincerity in his voice apparent. “I really am, but I had to.”

“Why?” Jiyong whispered back, nuzzling his nose into the side of the other boy’s face in spite of himself.

“So I could give you your birthday present.” Youngbae shifted their bodies around so that Jiyong was now laying face down on the bed beneath him. He covered the younger boy’s smaller form with his own and began to lick a path down his back, tracing the prominent vertebrae with his tongue.

“You’re not making any sense,” Jiyong mumbled, all malice seeping from his tone with Youngbae’s touches. “Why did you have to dump me to give me my present?”

Youngbae’s laugh rumbled up from deep in his chest, and Jiyong could feel the vibrations against his bare skin. “I didn’t dump you,” he chuckled, moving back up the younger boy’s body so he could look at him.

“Well that’s what it seemed like.” Jiyong’s reply was muffled by the pillow which he had just buried his face in.

Youngbae shook his head and pressed his lips to Jiyong’s ear once more. “I’m sorry, but it was just…well…we couldn’t have sex for a while.”

Jiyong shivered at the combined feel of Youngbae’s body and breath against him and felt his resolve slowly sliding away. “You could have just said ‘no sex’!”

“And would you have listened?”


“See?” Youngbae’s tone was more amused than Jiyong would have liked. “You were trying to jump me every chance you got as it was. I didn’t want to say anything and just make it worse.”

“Fine,” came another muffled reply.

Youngbae grinned Jiyong’s favorite crinkly-eyed grin. Yep. He was most definitely pouting. And pouting Jiyong only turned him on more.

“But you were still a jerk.”

Youngbae sighed. “I’m sorry, babe…” murmured into Jiyong’s ear, getting out his bedroom voice again. “Just let me give you your present, then you can decide whether or not you forgive me.”

Youngbae pulled away from Jiyong’s ear to run his lips down the side of the other boy’s neck. He barely brushed the skin as he went, lips slightly parted, and breath running like water over pale skin. Jiyong shuddered at the light caress.

When Youngbae reached the edge of the younger boy’s sweatpants, he hooked two fingers into the waistband and Jiyong lifted his hips, more out of habit than anything.

“Youngbae…” he whispered, the question in his voice obvious.

“Shh…Ji. Just trust me on this one, ok?

Jiyong groaned as he felt Youngbae nuzzle his lower back, before tasting the unblemished skin and continuing to slide down his body. Soon he could feel the older boy’s tongue tracing its way down his ass and he hummed in his throat at the contact. It had been so long. First Youngbae’s month away in Japan and then his strange month at home…

Jiyong felt his legs being spread wider and all of a sudden Youngbae’s tongue was tracing its way around his entrance. He gasped when the older man shoved his tongue in roughly, then moaned when he began to thrust it in and out.

He buried his face in his arms and moaned again as Youngbae continued his ministrations, one hand drawing patterns up and down the younger boy’s back. Jiyong shuddered beneath him and bit down on his arm to stop himself from getting too loud.

Hearing Jiyong’s sounds of pleasure suddenly become muffled, Youngbae paused. “Ji…” he said, slightly breathless. “The apartment’s empty.”

Jiyong lifted his head and gave the older boy a quick glance over his shoulder. When he received a quick nod in confirmation, he returned his head to his arms, but this time let his moans flow freely.

Meanwhile, Youngbae had slid one hand down to toy with Jiyong’s package, visible through his spread-eagled legs. He moved his mouth down to join his hand a moment later and used his other hand to hike Jiyong’s hips up, so he was now on his knees.

Sliding underneath the younger man, Youngbae flipped onto his back and took Jiyong’s dripping cock into his mouth. He heard his lover howl above him and suckled harder, rolling his balls around in his hand.

His other hand took the place of his tongue and slipped itself into Jiyong’s slicked entrance, twisting around to find his prostate. When Jiyong screamed in pleasure a second time, he knew he had found the right spot, and he abused it mercilessly.

Above him, Jiyong was shaking with pleasure, his boy flooded with sensations he hadn’t felt in two months. It seemed Youngbae hadn’t forgotten how things went in that time, because right at that moment, his tongue was tracing its way up Jiyong’s cock, just the way he liked. He moaned extra loud when Youngbae swiped along the ridge of his head and shuddered in delight when the older man tongued his weeping slit.

Youngbae, meanwhile, was mentally steeling himself for what was to come. His cock was rock-hard in his pants, and he didn’t know how much longer he could last. Still, though, he hesitated. What if Jiyong didn’t like his present?

“Bae, stop…” Jiyong mewled. “Stop before I cum.”

Youngbae smirked around his mouthful and gave the younger man’s cock one last hard suck for good measure. He pulled away with a popping sound and figured it was now of never. Hands going to the fly of his jeans, he prepared to take them off.

“Let me~” Jiyong purred, suddenly at his ear.

Youngbae jumped and turned his head, coming face-to-face with one of the sexiest sights he had ever seen. With a moan, he tackled Jiyong back onto the bed, the sight of his mussed up hair, flushed cheeks, and swollen, red lips too much. He crushed their mouths together, hands gripping Jiyong’s hips tight enough to leave bruises.

Beneath him, Jiyong let out an ‘oomph’ of surprise, before throwing himself into the kiss, bringing his legs up and wrapping them around Youngbae’s hips.

He broke their kiss only to breathe, “Fuck me,” into Youngbae’s ear, before bringing their mouths together again.

Youngbae’s cock twitched at his lover’s words and he reluctantly pulled away from the younger man to kneel over him. Imediately, Jiyong’s hands reached for his pants, but Youngbae shoved him away. “No,” he whispered and Jiyong’s face fell.

Wincing, Youngbae leaned down and placed butterfly kisses along Jiyong’s jawbone, all the way down his neck, and along every inch of his collarbone.

“I’ll do it.” Jiyong felt, more than heard his words, as the older boy continued kissing his way down his body. Closing his eyes, he tried to calm the anxiety that had stabbed him in the gut when Youngbae said ‘No.’ If Youngbae stopped, after all of this and all of the apologies, Jiyong knew he wouldn’t be able to go on.

Hands were suddenly under his hips and Jiyong found himself being lifted into the air and flipped onto his stomach again. “Trust me,” Youngbae whispered, placing a wet kiss at the base of his spine before pulling away, the sound of his button and fly loud in the quiet apartment.

Jiyong peeked over his shoulder to find Youngbae finally getting rid of his pants and he whistled teasingly, trying to distract himself from his throbbing erection being pressed into the mattress.

“Ji!” Youngbae exclaimed, looking up. “Don’t look!”

Jiyong blinked.

“I’m gonna give you your present,” Youngbae said after a moment’s pause to review what he had just said. “So no peeking.”

Jiyong sighed theatrically and turned back around, propping his head on his arms.

He saw Youngbae’s muscled arm for one fleeting moment as it grabbed the lube off the floor. A soft whisper of cloth several moments later told him his lover was finally completely naked. He heard the cap of the lube being popped next and wiggled his ass at Youngbae, giggling.

“Tease,” Youngbae remarked, slapping the younger man’s ass, before sliding one lube-covered finger into his entrance.

“Mmm…” Jiyong murmured, stretching and twisting like a cat. “More…”

Youngbae complied, slipping another finger into his passage and working him gently.

Jiyong hummed in appreciation again as Youngbae brushed against his prostate. “When do I get my present?”

“Are you ready?” Youngbae asked, instead, fingers pulling out.

Confused, Jiyong answered, “Yeah, but—”

“Ok, then right now,” Youngbae answered, and suddenly his cock was pressed against Jiyong’s crack and the younger boy moaned and pushing his ass back into the touch.

He felt the heat radiating off Youngbae’s cock, the cool slickness of the lube, and then—

He froze.

Behind him, Youngbae was rubbing against him in small circles, and he could feel something cold and hard rolling over his skin.

Youngbae hardly dared breathe, but didn’t give himself time to think as he pushed into Jiyong. Before the younger boy could say anything, he quickly thrust once, then twice.

A strangled kind of choking noise left Jiyong’s mouth as he felt something inside of him which definitely wasn’t Youngbae. Or rather, wasn’t all Youngbae. Something cold and hard, had rubbed against his prostate with Youngbae’s thrusts and his mind was a confused whirlwind of thoughts and emotions.

Interpreting Jiyong’s noises as a good sign, Youngbae started a regular rhythm, not too fast, but not too slow. He watched the slender body beneath him twitch and jerk with each thrust he made and knew his plan—so far—was working.

Jiyong gasped as the feeling of his prostate being rubbed continued with each thrust. The coldness was gone now, dissipated by the incredible heat between their bodies, but the hardness remained and it stimulated him in ways he never thought possible. He felt Youngbae increase the speed of his hips and immediately wanted more, moaning loudly to vocalize this.

Youngbae could feeling himself striking Jiyong’s prostate and could tell from the way the younger boy was writhing beneath him and knew this wasn’t going to last much longer. He quickened his pace one final time and drove into Jiyong relentlessly, the sound of their hips meeting loud in the otherwise silent apartment.

The near-constant stimulation to his prostate was too much. Jiyong howled and arched his back, pressing up against Youngbae, loving the feel of the older man’s sweat-slicked abs against him.

Youngbae leaned down and bit Jiyong’s shoulder lightly, tracing the pink mark with his tongue and placing kisses all around it.

Beneath him, Jiyong was reduced to a whimpering mass of pleasure, his body going limp against the sheets as he cried out and came, screaming Youngbae’s name as he clenched the sheets tightly.

Youngbae couldn’t withstand the arrows of pleasure that shot straight to his cock at the sight and he let himself go as well, falling on top of Jiyong and grabbing his hands in his own. He pressed their hips together almost painfully tightly and pressed his lips to Jiyong’s ear. “I love you so much,” he managed to get out, before all coherency was lost.

Another shock of pleasure went through Jiyong’s body as Youngbae pressed against him and whispered in his ear. He could feel their sweat slicked bodies sliding together as they shook with the combined force of their orgasm, and couldn’t remember the last time sex had been this good.


What seemed like hours later, when he had finally come down from his pleasure-high, Youngbae rolled off Jiyong and onto the bed next to him, spooning him from behind.

Jiyong could hear the older boy’s heaving breathing and feel his pounding heart. He would have smirked and made a smart ass comment if he hadn’t of been trying to catch his own breath and calm his own heart as well.

It was several minutes before either of them could say anything.

Youngbae pressed a lazy kiss to the corner of Jiyong’s mouth. “Ji?”

Still basking in the post-orgasm warmth, Jiyong smiled, but didn’t answer. Youngbae could feel his smile and covered it with one of his own, nuzzling their noses together.

Jiyong laughed at this and rolled over, Youngbae sliding out of him in the process. He saw the older boy fidget and a delicate blush stain the bridge of his nose. He quickly tried to tuck the covers in around them, but Jiyong stopped him with one hand.

“I don’t think so,” he smirked. “If you did what I think you did then no way are you covering it up.

Youngbae moaned and covered his face with his hands so Jiyong wouldn’t see his blush spreading to his cheeks and ears. The minute his hands left the blankets, Jiyong tore them off and pushed the older man onto his back, his eyes dropping to his package greedily.

There, sparkling in the dim light was a shiny, silver piercing. Right at the tip of Youngbae’s cock. “I knew it!” he exclaimed, drinking in the sight greedily. Without further ado, he threw himself down and began examining the piercing close-up, his nose mere inches from the ball at Youngbae’s tip.

He touched it, hesitantly at first, then with more pressure, tracing it lightly with his fingertips and tugging on it gently, staring at the holes it had carved into one of his favorite parts of Youngbae.

“Ji—you’re not…you’re not grossed out?”

Jiyong’s answer to that was to take the head of his lover’s cock into his mouth and toy with the piercing, his tongue flicking it back and forth.

Youngbae’s breath hitched in his throat and he threw an arm over his face. “Ji…” he groaned.

Jiyong pulled back and let his lover’s cock slide from his mouth, giving the piercing a final kiss before he moved back up to lay next to Youngbae.

“You’re forgiven,” he said matter-of-factly.

Youngbae grinned in spite of himself and took his arm away so he could look Jiyong in the eye. “Good. Because I really am sorry about brushing you off for so long. I got it as a surprise when I was in Japan and when they told me it had to heal for six to eight weeks I figured I’d just wait until your birthday and give it to you then.”

Jiyong nodded, a smile playing about the corner of his lips as well. “Best birthday present, ever, by the way. It even tops the whole incident with the chocolate syrup—”

“Oh please,” Youngbae grumbled, rubbing his face with his hands. “Don’t remind me of that one.” He leaned in and brushed his lips against Jiyong’s to silence the other man’s giggles, tasting himself on his lover’s mouth. “Happy birthday,” he murmured, before settling back into bed with a yawn.

“Thanks, but I’m only gonna let you sleep for a little while,” Jiyong warned, burrowing under the covers next to him. “There’s a few things I wanna try out before Daesung and them get home.”

Youngbae yawned again and chuckled. “Oh, don’t worry…I had Seunghyun-hyung take Dae and Ri out for the day. They won’t be back until late.”

“Wow…I owe him a carton of ice cream for that one.”

“Yep, poor hyung…remind me to thank him later for putting up with the two of them for an entire day.”

Jiyong gave him a weird glance, but decided it was better not to say anything. Sometimes it really amazed him how naïve his lover could be.

And somewhere miles away, in a non-descript hotel room, Seunghyun sneezed.

Oct. 11th, 2009


Writer's Block: Agree to disagree

Have you ever stopped being friends with someone over differences in political views? Are there any issues that are so important to you that you cannot be friends with someone who holds a contrary opinion?


Writer's Block: Life is a masquerade

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? How long do you typically plan your costume? Do you keep it a secret?


Writer's Block: Confessions of a couch potato

What is the longest uninterrupted period of time you've ever watched TV? Were you alone or with a friend/partner? Do you tend to watch more TV when you're happy, depressed, or simply bored?


Writer's Block: Who's your BFF?

Who is your oldest friend (i.e., the friend you have known the longest)? How often do you see or talk to each other? Do your close friends tend to stay the same year after year or change over time?


Writer's Block: Old friends

Have you ever reconnected with long-lost friends over the Internet? Overall, have the relationships you've rekindled been more meaningful or superficial? Are there any people you wish you hadn't run into again online?



 Somehow, i thought things had changed. Just a little. but they didn't. it's just the same way things were before she met them.

and yeah, we're all a little distant now, but that's just because school's started, right?
i'm probably wrong. things are only gonna come together during summer. next summer, next summer, next summer. I feel like i'm never gonna get around to doing the things i want to do. lame. i kind of miss my elementary days. i hated the lame school, but....it was just so nice. only knowing those people....the people in my class...somehow, i just dont appreciate the people from other schools as much. they're interesting, but.....assholes. oh well. nothing i can do about that. i mean, she invites me places and stuff, but....i dunno. fuaaaaaaaaa i kind of wish stuff would end so she could stop complaining about her all the time. or maybe it is. i'm glad i'm not reciprocating, though. it'd end up worse than last year. but i was totally asking for something to happen, and here it is. but this wasn't what i wanted. i almost want something dirty, like having someone steal someone away, or cheating or something. i mean cheating in the boyfriend/girlfriend sense, since there's enough of the regular cheating in the school to power the sun for a long time (according to, like, three sources.) not that it matters to me, i'd rather just not do it than cheat. i'm too lazy to copy. in fact, i'm too lazy to do my report, which i had decided to do an hour ago. whoops. 

brb lj, don't kill my pages off while i'm gone.

Aug. 18th, 2009


Writer's Block: Unlikely Benefactor

Congratulations! You won a million dollars but you have to give it all away. How will you distribute the money?

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